The often mundane and infrequently exciting adventures of a Mom who came Joyfully sauntering back home to The Church. Her unique and wonderful, Baptist Husband who sped past her on his way to Catholicism, their 8 Hooligans and 1 perfect Grandson.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Reality Mom

It seems in our culture today, and especially amongst Christian women there is this idea we must be perfect. If not actually "be" perfect, at least appear like we are. I do not have enough smoke and mirrors in my possession to make me look even adequate, let alone perfect on most days.

In my little world or reality, my house is often a mess, my twin teen boys snarky and hard to motivate. I still need to lose at minimum another 25-30 lbs to look normal and seem to be dragging my feet or my behind on that one. My husband works long hours at work and then again at home. He gets lost in his "projects," leaving me feeling frustrated and alone. My garden grows weeds better than anything else, we have too many animals on this farm that looks like Ma and Pa Kettle live here and I just get so frustrated and overwhelmed by it all. I need, no really I must just fall at God's feet everyday. If not for prayer I would be in a very quiet place with nice soft walls! I have become increasingly dependent on my Heavenly Father to simply get through a day. That is reality!

I really get annoyed when a young Mom trying to do her best is left feeling like she is failing. I tell her. We all fail, everyday. Do not compare yourself to Mrs. Whoosy in the pew to the left. She has her own struggles and issues. WE ALL DO! I do not care how lovely her home is or how seemingly well behaved her children are. Nobody is free from the scars of the hurts we all face as we stumble through life.

Just get up in the morning, love God, your husband and babies and put one foot in front of the other until bedtime. We are NOT Martha Stewart, we do not need to be gourmet cooks or financial geniuses. We just need to love.
I am still learning the importance of loving and showing Grace and Mercy to others. Even others I do not want to show any of those to. I pray for a Servants Heart, so I can love my husband, children and others the way God wants me to, not MY way!

Of course I have those days when I've doled out the love and encouragement and care and I am left feeling empty and alone. Mom's rarely get back what they give out.I know it is in the job description somewhere in very very fine print. THAT is precisely when we turn to Jesus or Mary and lean on them. I tend to lean hard. They hold me up.

Reality is this...Life is messy, I hurt others, they hurt me, I struggle with endless issues, I fight sin and lose every day. BUT! Because of HIS grace and mercy, I get to start new everyday. I get to keep growing and learning. God is good! Blessed be the name of the Lord!

Oh Lord make me humble, help me love, give me a Servants Heart. Let others see you in me. Less of me Lord More of You!