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Friday, May 14, 2010

The Men in My Life

I was up late the other night. We had company. Well this friend really isn't company. He is more like family and we love his visits and great talks. I saw him off and as I was heading for bed I stopped to check on the children, long asleep. I was reminded of how I used to do that every night when they were smaller. You know how when you have a newborn and you are constantly checking to see if they are still breathing. Not so much with teens. Still, there I was Wed. night checking on my no longer little angels.

The Lord blessed me with a precious moment. I looked at the sleeping faces of my teen boys and realized in such a short time they will be men. Their faces still soft and voices changing I see little boys, yet that is not true. They are growing and changing and seeking independence from me. That is bittersweet. I will not emasculate my boys or hold them emotional hostages. I want them to grow in to strong independent men. BUT! My Mother's heart wants to cling and remember and shower then with hugs and kisses. OH HOW THEY HATE THAT. So I refrain. Remembering the funny little boys with dirty hands and snotty faced grins.

My prayer is this...Lord in the midst of the disrespect and rudeness and eye rolling, help me to see the little boys they were and the men they will be. Draw them ever closer to you. Thank you Lord for the men in my life.

My husband who is unlike any other, his overwhelming and unconditional love for me.

My 5 handsome healthy sons, may their lives be a glory to you.

For my brother who is a dear friend. May he seek you fervently!

For a friend who is like a brother. Protect him Lord. Daily reveal his worth to him. Give him the strength to do your work.

How blessed I am!

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