The often mundane and infrequently exciting adventures of a Mom who came Joyfully sauntering back home to The Church. Her unique and wonderful, Baptist Husband who sped past her on his way to Catholicism, their 8 Hooligans and 1 perfect Grandson.

Monday, May 10, 2010

My Secret Weapons

My day to day life is made up of very ordinary, mundane moments. Cooking, cleaning, another load of laundry. Home school Packets distributed on Monday, due on Friday, the push all week to see them completed. A moment to pray. A phone call from Jim to remind me he loves me. (My favorite kind of phone call). Kids quarreling, goats escaping, Power walks and long talks with my Father and Blessed Mother, overdrawn checking accounts, messy bedrooms, toys and bikes all over the struggling to survive front lawn. Autistic meltdowns, ornery disrespectful teens, a hormonal, weepy 12yo girl and a sometimes needy, still at home, 30 yo . Friends who call because they have adopted and know I was an adolescent counselor to "Kids at Risk" in another life. Their kids are driving them as nuts as my little angels drive me. They think I have answers and solutions! BAHAHAHAHAHA!

I search for organization to the daily mess, quiet and respect from my kids and long for more time with Jesus and Mary. I have no answers. The older I get, the fewer answers I have!

I am beginning understand that is where God wants me. CLUELESS and ON MY KNEES!

All that my education has taught me has been used up on some pretty high need kiddos. My bag of Mom tricks is empty. However, as a recent Revert to my faith I have rediscovered 2 very powerful weapons, that I plan on implementing this week. 1. Praying the Rosary as a family, at least 1 decade every night 2. Taking my little darlings to Mass on Friday's to be followed by 30 minutes of adoration.

I firmly believe that the power of prayer can supersede any snarky teen attitude or hormonal hissy fit. Maybe I will even receive the grace of patience. THAT would really be a miracle!

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